"Fire, Aire, Earth, Water in mysterious dances Move to thy Musick through all times and chances."
Peter Sterry (1613-1672), translating Boethius
"Heard music...hidden music" is a website devoted to the exploration of the language of music and the hidden music of nature by composer Andrew Baker.
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Music at Shugborough 2014

On Sunday May 11th 2014 between 2.00pm and 4.00pm we will be playing new music written to celebrate characters associated with Shugborough in the saloon. I have written four "Sonatas for Mr Stillingfleet" and "A Philosophical Cantata" on verses by Elizabeth Carter. Benjamin Stillingfleet was a botanist, musician and valetudinarian who stayed at Shugborough and was a strong supporter of the new classical style with its simple melodies and clear expression. Elizabeth Carter was the closest friend of Shugborough architect Thomas Wright and the cantata includes a poem in his honour. The performers will be Alyson Lewin (recorder), Ann Almond (voice), Sue Brereton-Banks (harpsichord) and Julie Stubbs (cello). The event is part of the 2014 Stafford Music Festival.

A Pilgrimage and Disguise

This is a project exploring the Spirit of Place. The music is composed to go with photographs taken on a variety of pilgrimages - some are sacred, though not necessarily conventionally so, other places may have a personal significance. Others may simply be odd.

The Ravello Dialogues

This a series of conversations on theological and philosphical themes, not too serious I hope, that lie in the background of many of my musical projects.

Thomas Anson and Shugborough

The full text of my study of Thomas Anson is here. This is a 200pp book, and still work in progress. I am happy to supply a PDF on request.

Out in the Air

A Pilgrimage and Disguise - 1

Symphony no. 14 - II