Heard Music...Hidden Music

"Fire, Aire, Earth, Water in mysterious dances Move to thy Musick through all times and chances."

Peter Sterry (1613-1672), translating Boethius
"Heard music...hidden music" is a website devoted to the exploration of the language of music and the hidden music of nature by composer Andrew Baker. (Contact ajbakeresq@hotmail.com)
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Anton Kammell

The violinist and composer Anton Kammell (1730-1784) was one of the friends to whom Thomas Anson of Shugborough left annuities at his death in 1773, I am currently researching the life of Kammell and his family and producing new editions of his music. Over the last few years we have performed a variety of quartets and sonatas at Shugborough and I am hoping to perform his symphonies in the future. Here is a digital performance of his  symphony op. 10 no. 1.

The Garden of Persephone

This is a set of pieces for piano, violin and cello, loosely following the myth of Persephone. The complete work was performed at Shugborough in September 2016 with readings by Elizabeth Jardine Godwin of a specially commissioned work about Shugborough and Thomas Anson.

The music will be performed in a free concert at St Chad's Church, Stafford at 12 midday on Saturday 6th May 2017.

Symphony no. 32 "Thalia"

A one movement symphony in honour of the muse of comedy, completed in December 2016.

Excursions to Inchanted Ground

A set of six explorations of The Spirit of Place from 2016. The first "Golgonooza" is a pilgrimage to the burial places of John Bunyan and William Blake,

This is part of an ongoing project exploring the way particular places convey meaning. More can be found in Symphonies from Inchanted Ground and A Pilgrimage and Disguise.

Thomas Anson and Shugborough

The full text of my study of Thomas Anson is here. This is a 200pp book, and still work in progress. I am happy to supply a PDF on request.

Out in the Air

A Pilgrimage and Disguise - 1

Symphony no. 14 - II